IMG_20150420_140351IMG_20150420_173813Passivhaus Designer & Tradesperson Train The Trainer course was held in April, in Darmstadt. The two day workshop organized by the Passivhaus Institute (PHI) covered many topics, among which were:
Knowledge and expertise on the Passivhaus Standard, which included advanced level Q&A sessions. Besides the PH expertise, the participants got more familiar with the Passivhaus Desginer / Tradesperson educational materials; with its content, curriculum, course materials itself, and with the final exam. Teaching techniques / didactic were covered the second day of the workshop, where the participants gained knowledge on planning and also teaching different types of Passivhaus teaching units. The workshop ended by a presentation of each of the participant on the specific teaching unit, which in the end proved the high quality of the Train-the Trainer course (TTT), but it also exhibited the achieved knowledge and teaching preferences of each of the participant. TTT course was attended also by 3 representatives of the SEEDpass Consortium, from 2 different countries and partner organizations (Greece and Croatia).


The passivhaus energy threshold of 15 kWh/(m²yr) for heating serves as a rough benchmark. It may vary in different climate conditions.