Online survey

We have prepared an interesting survey for you, to develop an idea about the knowledge needed for Passivhaus design. This survey is a part of the project funded by Erasmus+ programme: SEEDpass – South East Europe strategic partnership in vocational education and training in Passive House Design for nearly zero energy buildings development.

In SEEDpass project we are developing new in-depth educational materials for architects and engineers on building a Passivhaus. The materials are going to be specially developed for you. And the best way to start is to detect possible knowledge gaps among our target group. The survey does not include collecting any personal data.

Moreover, you have also a chance on winning a PHPP tool and the corresponding User’s Manual, specially developed as a tool for calculating energy balance and designing low energy houses. That is, if you wish to give your name and e-mail address at the end of the Survey. If not, you can freely skip this question!

The analyzed results of the survey as well as the lucky winner,  will be announced on our web site during April 2015.

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Passivhaus is a building, for which thermal comfort (ISO 7730) can be achieved solely by post-heating or post-cooling of the fresh air mass, which is required to achieve sufficient indoor air quality conditions – without the need for additional recirculation of air.