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SEEDPASS EXPERTS SYMPOSIUM will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, on 15th of June. The event will host speakers from the EU funded SEEDpass project: Passive House Institute (D), Zero Energy and Passivhaus Institute for Research (I), Hellenic Passive House Institute (GR), Oikon- Institute for applied ecology (HR) and Faculty of Civil Engineering, UniZG (HR), and other guest speakers.  The objective of the Symposium is to share Project’s acchievements throughout presentation of the main deliverable – educational materials for building sector professionals.


Based on chosen buildings’ examples, SEEDpass team will guide you through lessons learned and results achieved during the Project. Passive House design principles, as a solution for nZEB implementation –  with particular emphasis on warm climates – will be explained in detail. The full SEEDpass educational materials will be publicly available at the end of the Project.

Our  guest  speakers fom the BUILD UPON project will present their work as a successfull example of cross-sectoral collaboration.  “BUILD UPON” project fosters the creation of  national long-term strategies for energy retrofits. Guest speaker from young and fast growing SEPEV organization, Turkey, will explain how LEED and PASSIVE HOUSE are not a competition, but a complete product.

The Symposium is an international opportunity for building sector professionals, academic community, as well as local and central government to get acquanited with the Project and its solutions to more successfull nZEB implementation and renovation strategies.

Do not miss to take this great opportunity  to meet our international speakers – experts from architectual, engineering, construction,  operational services and wider, and to buildup your knowledge!

How was the Symposium? Click here to find out more!





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