Case Study Report on Example Buildings

This Report represents an overview of the findings of the two-year project „South East Europe strategic partnership in vocational education and training in Passive House Design for NZEB development“, which ended in September 2016. As one of the main deliverables, the Report serves as an extended addition to the SEEDpass educational slides on Passive House Design : „The 5 Principles“. It synthesises the main findings of the Project by: analyzing the chosen Passive House example buildings in partner countries, by providing conclusions as well as recommendations on designing and building to Passive House Standard in Italy, Greece and Croatia. More illustrations can be found in the SEEDpass deliverable: SEEDpass educational slides.

You can download the Report here: SEEDpass_O2_Case Study Report

All SEEDpass deliverables are available for download on this link: Erasmus + Dissemination platform

The passivhaus criteria allow buildings to go by either criterion - the 15 kWh/(m²yr) heat demand OR the 10W/m² heating load.